Wednesday, 17 September 2014

To Room 8, From Ollie

I've been missing you all so much that I decided to come up with a plan so that Miss Gentil would HAVE to take me to school. My plan of attack was to cause as much trouble as possible so that Miss Gentil wouldn't want me to be at home by myself. 

First I started eating out of Miss Gentil's bowl of muesli this morning. Then I jumped into the bowl and started flicking all the seeds and dried fruit around. Miss Gentil wasn't very happy, but I kept going anyway. Then she picked me up and put me down on the bench, while she started to get ready to do the dishes. This was the perfect opportunity for bath time!! I flew into the sink and began splashing around in the water. Miss Gentil had, had enough of me getting into mischief so she put me into my pet mobile and put me in the car. I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see all of Room 8 again. 

Here are some photos of my master plan in action. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Learning How to Use Storyrobe

Today we learnt how to use Storyrobe. In groups we played different maths games and then we made movies about them. We had to take photos of us playing the game. Then we uploaded to Storyrobe. Next we recorded our voice for each photo. Once we had finished we played the movie to check if we made any mistakes. Then we showed our teacher. Miss Gentil had to help us upload them to YouTube. 

Here are a couple of the movies we made today. 

By Hannah 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Learning How to Use Educreations

Today we learnt how to use Educreations. This is the first video we created. We have been learning how to use our addition facts to help us to solve multiplication problems. 

Is That an Earthquake?

Today I read Is That an Earthquake? I hope you like my reading.

By Josiah 

No, Skipper!

Today I recorded No, Skipper! I hope you like the story. 

By Josiah 

Adventure Learning Reflections Week 6

Every Wednesday we have Adventure Learning in our classroom. This term there are nine groups, learning about everything from Minecraft to Emperor penguins and how to speak Spanish. I'm so proud of everything that you are achieving Room 8. It's so exciting to see you all learning about topics that you're passionate about.

Here are our reflections from Week 6 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Ant and the Grasshoppers

This is my book for this week. I enjoyed recording my voice. I made a few mistakes, but then I recorded my voice properly after lots of practising. When I went to Mr T he said he was impressed and Miss Gentil said she was proud of me. I got a principal's award sticker from Mr T. I hope you enjoy the video.

By Josiah