Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Ultimate T-shirt

This is our ultimate t-shirt invention for kidsedchatnz.

By Asher and Lachie

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Emily's Calf Club Day

My favourite part of Calf Club Day was when it was prize giving. It was my favourite part because you could win prizes. I won a 1st ribbon for having the best pet. My pet was a lamb called Snowflake. 

For my vegetable creation I created a bunny. I used potatoes, carrots and two raisins for the eyes. 

This is my lamb, Snowflake. 

I created a horse for my clay creation. I decided to do a horse because I love horses and it was easy to create. 

For petal art I wrote 'lamb' because I had a lamb for Calf Club. 

Garry's Calf Club Day

My favourite part of Calf Club was my Minecraft construction and playing with Hannah's lamb. 

For my petal art I created the word cow, with pink petals. 

I created a liquorice mouth, a beard made out of sprinkles, a jelly bean nose and two eyes made from M&Ms. 

For my clay creation I did a pig in a paddock, eating hay. 

My vegetable creation is a giraffe. It has carrot legs, a potato body and a carrot for his neck. 

By Garry 

Rylee's Calf Club Day

My favourite part of Calf Club was when my lamb won two 4th ribbons for how he looked and when I won second place in Minecraft. 

This is my vegetable creation. I created a lamb with broccoli in his mouth.  

Here is my petal art. It spells lamb. 

This is my pet lamb, called Emerald. When you run around with him in a paddock he jumps up in the air with his little feet. 

I also decorated my cookie to look like my lamb. 

By Rylee

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

To Room 8, From Ollie

I've been missing you all so much that I decided to come up with a plan so that Miss Gentil would HAVE to take me to school. My plan of attack was to cause as much trouble as possible so that Miss Gentil wouldn't want me to be at home by myself. 

First I started eating out of Miss Gentil's bowl of muesli this morning. Then I jumped into the bowl and started flicking all the seeds and dried fruit around. Miss Gentil wasn't very happy, but I kept going anyway. Then she picked me up and put me down on the bench, while she started to get ready to do the dishes. This was the perfect opportunity for bath time!! I flew into the sink and began splashing around in the water. Miss Gentil had, had enough of me getting into mischief so she put me into my pet mobile and put me in the car. I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see all of Room 8 again. 

Here are some photos of my master plan in action. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Learning How to Use Storyrobe

Today we learnt how to use Storyrobe. In groups we played different maths games and then we made movies about them. We had to take photos of us playing the game. Then we uploaded to Storyrobe. Next we recorded our voice for each photo. Once we had finished we played the movie to check if we made any mistakes. Then we showed our teacher. Miss Gentil had to help us upload them to YouTube. 

Here are a couple of the movies we made today. 

By Hannah